I was born in the Ukraine in 1936. As the German armies disintegrated in the east my parents saw fit to head west to avoid being trapped under Russian rule. Our travels, riding in carts, freight and flat railroad cars and walking, took us through Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria. Our final home in Europe was in a Displaced Persons' camp in Dinkelsbühl where my family and I lived from 1946 to 1948.  "DP Camp 73"  is the Dinkelsbühl chapter, slightly modified, from my unpublished life's story.

Dinkelsbühl photos.

More Dinkelsbühl photos, town map, occupation money.

Czechy, Ukraine, in 1943. A photo story complimenting "The Great Escape"

My WW II story. How we avoided being trapped by the Iron Curtain.

One of my hobbies is Amateur Radio. This link takes you to my radio page.

Site dedicated to DP Camp information.

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